Here you can find a selection of some of Convert energy's design, consultancy and project work. Click on an image to download the case study​​
  1. Hybrid battery system at zero carbon conference center
    Pines Caylex hybrid battery system
    A retrofit project, where we installed a hybrid solar inverter and battery system to keep the lights on during grid failure.
  2. Hybrid solar and ground source heat pump system, super low energy system
    Stede Quarter - Hybrid Solar Solution
    A super efficient building with an energy system to match. The Hybrid solar and heat pump system at Echo Barn integrates to deliver efficiency gains to all components.
  3. Medway site assesments
    Medway Council energy plan
    Site energy assessments and energy savings advice measures.
  4. Boiler management unit assesments
    Babcock BMU's
    Assessing the viability of multiple boiler management units in order to reduce sites energy demand and carbon foot print.
  5. Domestic PV-T hybrid solar system with battery system
    Cattal hybrid energy system design
    We were engaged to design the complex energy system for this project. The energy system comprised of integrated PV-T, PV, Hybrid inverter, Batteries and ground source heat pump with Earth energy bank